Hyde Square in Jamaica Plain is where Latin food congregates in inexpensive herds, particularly near the watering hole known as the Brendan Behan Pub. At La Pupusa Guanaca, you can nab a fresh Salvadorian pupusa, a stuffed cornmeal dumpling, for a dollar and change. The burritos, tacos and other homemade, stuffed edibles here are superior to anything available up the road on the more fashionable side of Centre Street, and the chicken empanada is a revelation in what you can do with a meat grinder and Salvadorian seasonings.

Down the block, a banner hangs over the window of Alex's Chimis, informing passersby that the restaurant is now open. What it doesn't tell you is that the best take-out roast chicken in Boston is sitting inside, quietly sweating.

Alex's Chimis, though it does a respectable business in sandwiches, attracts pilgrims from all over the city on account of its roast bird. The skin is vigorously treated with garlic and spices and cooked to a crackle, while the flesh is as soft and moist as if it had been stewed in butter. Order a whole chicken and the server will hack it up with a couple of violent whacks from his butcher's knife, then serve the disjointed beast with a slew of fried plantains ($12.50 for a whole bird and side dish).
Alex Chimis
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"Walk into Alex's Chimis in Jamaica Plain, and your mouth will INSTANTLY start watering."
"Food this value-priced, filling, fresh, and homey is worth a trip"
"The best take-out roast chicken in Boston is sitting inside, quietly sweating."
358C Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130